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NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing Postdoctoral Associate on Hybrid Semiconductor-Superconductor Systems (Shabani) in Washington Square Camups, New York

This opportunity provides a transition to career independence through the development of professional skills; supervision by a senior scientist incorporating an individual development plan in support of training goals and those of faculty mentor; and publication of research findings/scholarship during postdoc appointment period.

Job Summary: A Postdoctoral Associate or more senior position is available in the Center of Quantum Phenomena under the direction of Professor Javad Shabani in the Department of Physics at New York University. The successful candidate will participate in the research activities of the lab with graduate and undergraduate students as well as other postdoctoral researchers.

Recent superconducting qubit experiments have demonstrated single and two-qubit operations with fidelities exceeding 99%, placing fault tolerant quantum computation schemes within reach. On the other hand, semiconductor based devices have their own merits: fast manipulation, low power consumption and a more direct path toward scalability. This project attempts to make hybrid superconductor-semiconductor devices and circuits that could have advantages of both systems. Semiconductor-based Josephson junctions provide a new platform for tunable novel qubits where the Josephson energy can be tuned in-situ with an applied electric field to the semiconductor junction eliminating the need for flux tuning. Same device architecture can also be used to probe Majorana fermion physics and to build devices for topological qubits.

Candidates applying for the position must be skilled at molecular beam epitaxy, fabrication and and/or have experience operating a dilution refrigerator. We seek candidates with strong leadership skills who will help foster a safe and efficient laboratory work environment. Candidates for the position must have a Doctorate degree in Physics or a related discipline.

Appointments are for one year with the possibility of renewal subject to performance and continued funding.