MetaOption, LLC Precision Grinder / CNC Lathe Operator in Rochester, New York

Precision Grinder / CNC Lathe Operator

Interview: Phone and F2F (Local Candidates Only)

Our client, a financially sound, fast-growing company is looking for a Precision Grinder / CNC Lathe Operator to join their team in Rochester, NY as a full-time employee. As a Precision Grinder / CNC Lathe Operator, you will set up and operate surface grinding machines with horizontal or vertical spindle and reciprocating or rotating table to grind flat or contoured surfaces of metal workpieces, such as tool, die, and machine parts, usually for limited runs. You will analyze specifications and select tooling according to knowledge of surface grinding procedures. This will involve studying the blueprint or layout on a workpiece to visualize grinding to be done and plan a sequence of operations. Our client offers a competitive compensation package, including bonus and great benefits!

Position Responsibilities: Precision Grinder

  • Position and secure workpiece on magnetic chuck, in holding fixture, or directly to machine table.
  • Select grinding wheel, grinding speeds, and feed rates for each operation according to knowledge of metal properties and abrasives, and mount wheel on spindle.
  • Move device to dress wheel.
  • Move controls and read dials to set rotation speeds and feed rates.
  • Position and tighten stops to limit table travel.
  • Move controls to feed workpiece to wheel or vice versa.
  • Turn valve handle and direct flow of coolant against wheel and workpiece.
  • Verify dimensions of ground workpiece for conformance to specifications, using such measuring instruments as micrometers, comparators, dial indicators, gauge blocks, and load test equipment.
  • May dress grinding wheel to specified profile for contour grinding, using special fixtures and tools.
  • May grind nonmetallic materials, such as plastics.
  • May operate tracer attachment to duplicate contours from templates or models.

    Position Responsibilities: CNC Lathe

  • Must be able to program, set-up and run Hardinge Conquest T425P.

  • Must have own tools.


  • 10+ years of CNC Lathe and Surface Grinding experience.

  • Must be able to program, set up and run a CNC Lathe.

  • Ability to work with 1/10 and 2/10 tolerance levels.

  • Experience working with various sized machines and workpieces.

  • Okamoto Grinding Machine and/or Hardinge Conquest T425P CNC Lathe experience is a plus.