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SCO Family of Services Education Coach in New York

As part of SCO’s/Forward Journey/Initiative, the Education Coach works with youth (11 years and older) on a one-on-one basis to develop individualized academic, career development, and housing goals based on youth interests and strengths. Support includes connecting youth to quality schools, programs, resources, and opportunities in line with their goals. Coaches provide ongoing social and emotional support including connecting youth to peer support groups that foster positive relationships.

Key program components include:

· *Community-based*- Staff meet youth wherever is best for them (e.g. home, school, community). · *Systemic approach-*incorporates multiple aspects of the youth’s natural ecology (e.g. community, peers, family, school). · *Comprehensive-*addressing the full range of a youth’s needs and goals (e.g. academic, career, housing, relationships).

Education Coach duties will include, but not be limited to:


· Build relationships with youth; · Provide ongoing social and emotional support; · Work 1:1 with youth to develop individualized academic and career development goals (including financial literacy) based on their interests and strengths and take measurable steps towards their goals; · Connect youth to quality schools, programs, resources, and opportunities in line with their goals; · Help youth persist in these setting, navigate any challenges that arise, celebrate success, and plan/prepare for the next step on their journey; · Collaborate with Case Planners, Tutors, Specialists, Foster Parent, and Parents, as needed, to help youth achieve their goals and ensure their overall well-being; and · Connect youth to Peer Group supports and build positive relationships. · Transport youth to/from school when necessary

Academic: · Re-engage disconnected youth and help them re-enroll in an academic setting; · Assess the fit between youth and their current academic setting and help them transfer into a better-fit high school or high school equivalency program, if needed; · Visit the youth’s school/program bi-monthly and build relationships with school staff, review transcripts and academic data, provide educational advocacy, and discuss progress towards graduation/HSE obtainment; · Ensure young people are attending school and have the supports and resources they need to be successful, such as tutoring, individualized educational plans, 504 Plans, or other special accommodations; · Expose students to post-secondary pathways, such as college and/or accredited vocational programs, starting in the 9th grade (or as early as possible); · Assist students with post-secondary planning, along with the guidance counselors and/or College Specialist and Career Development Specialist; and · Assist students with planning for apprenticeship and vocational education paths, as appropriate.

Career Development:

· Assist youth working papers, if needed; · Conduct career exploration activities with youth; · Assist ALL youth to select at least one career development experience each year that is in line with their interests and academic situation/background; · Work with the young person and Career Development Specialist to identify potential longer-term career pathways based on the young person’s interests, strengths, and academic/vocational plans; · Connect youth to the Career Development Specialist, if needed, to explore workforce development programs, vocational programs, and for assistance with job applications; · Connect youth, as needed, to agency-based job readiness and/or internship programs (e.g., YA WORC or the Mentored Internship Program); · Provide persistence coaching to young people enrolled in any external program by checking in with them regularly.

Housing & Independent Living:

· Coordinate with housing specialist to ensure youth submit housing applications (by age 18 when appropriate); · Accompany the youth to interviews and visit housing options, when needed; · Assist youth with obtaining furniture, support through the move in process, and provide continued support with housing stability;

Bachelor’s Degree; Extensive Experience working with Youth

· Experience working in Education and Foster Care (preferred) · Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, a strong sense of empathy towards our populations served, and a passion for the field of child welfare. · Ability to respond to the unique developmental needs of youth in different stages of maturation. · Ability to work with youth that have histories of chemical dependency, mental illness, neglect, physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse, different cultural backgrounds, and varying socioeconomics statuses. · Ability to have a flexible schedule (including potential evenings and week-ends) that will revolve around needs of youth. · Ability to work competently, compassionately, and without judgment with individuals who may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, or who may be in different stages of discovering or disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity. · Strong time management skills, diligence, resilience, and experience working in a unit or team. · Ability to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. · Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience with CONNECTIONS preferred. · Valid NYS Driver’s License preferred. · Bilingual applicants strongly encouraged to apply. · Commitment to the mission and programs of SCO Family of Services.

SCO Family of Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Organization: *SD017

Title: Education Coach

Location: New York

Requisition ID: 42559