The Jewish Board Milieu Counselor in New York, New York

The Milieu Counselor works with mentally ill adult clients in a residential treatment setting and is responsible for ensuring that those portions of the treatment plan which deal with day to day and independent living skills are implemented. Acting as a positive role model and providing therapeutic parenting, the Milieu Counselor is charged with the fundamental responsibility of the client’s health and safety.

* Responsible for day‑to‑day care of the clients in the program including helping consumers to maintain their personal hygiene, social guidance, use of leisure time, and food planning and preparation.
* Develop, supervise and run activity sessions.
* Accompany clients on trips and outings and supervise activities.
* May be called upon to work one on one with a client who is displaying significant stre ss or assist with management issues as they relate to clients.
* If required, perform therapeutic hold should a client be out of control. All employees are required to attend appropriate training prior to performing such a therapeutic hold.
* Drive the client to medical, social or other necessary appointments.
* Shares their experience and observation of the clients under care with the treatment team and immediately brings to the attention of the supervisor any unusual issues.
* May be required to cook/prepare meals for residents within their cottage or division.
* Other duties as assigned.

* High School diploma is required.
* Some work experience with a similar population in a residential setting.
* A Driver’s License is required to meet all insurance requirements.