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Job Information

Northwell Health Special Procedures Tech - Non-registered- Full Time/Day Shift in Manhasset, New York

Req Number 003AG5

Job Description

Operates x-ray and auxiliary equipment, processes images, maintains and cleans equipment. Positions and orientates patients for exams. Supports and assist's physician performing invasive imaging procedures; angiograms, angioplasties, stenting, biopsies, embolizations, vascular and non-vascular related procedures. Ensures quality control of all equipment and machinery. Demonstrates exceptional communication and customer service skills. Integrates well with physicians and nurses and has responsibility for emergency call.1. Performs various x-ray exams according to established standards, processes and procedures of the division. Positions patient for radiographs according to departmental standard operating procedures. Adjusts the x-ray equipment and operates controls to obtain correct exposure. Operates equipment for transferring computed images to the Digital Archive. Operates fluoroscopic and Ultrasound equipment under direct and indirect supervision of physician.2. Actively participates in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.* Operates cone beam CT rotational spins with 3D reconstruction.3. Prepares sterile trays for invasive and noninvasive catheterization and department procedures.* Adheres to strict sterile techniques established by perioperative department. * Ensures equipment is presented on trays in an organized fashion.* Maintains equipment, and ensures it is updated as needed.4. Prepares and maintains instrumentation for each procedure.* Retrieves and assembles specific supplies for a vast variety of procedures. * Caters specific instrument trays dependent on physician and procedure. * Catalog immense inventory and adjusts procedure case load, as needed. * Check all expiration dates prior to opening supplies. 5. Prepares patient for invasive diagnostic procedures.* Assures patients are prepped and draped in a sterile fashion.* Allays patient's fears regarding procedure.6. Prepares, maintains, and assists physician during preparation for intravenous iodinated contrast delivery, all under the personal supervision of a physician. * Obtains correct contrast for procedure taking into account patient's renal function, procedure type, and physician request.* Maintains sterility while loading injector.* Applies correct parameters on power injector based on vessel, anatomy, and physician's orders. * Reports to physician any adverse reactions to contrast injections and takes necessary steps to assist in recovery. 7. Observes patient during interventional catheterization procedure.* Enters patient demographics on computer system, X-ray equipment, Ultrasound equipment (IR only), and 3D workstations.* Notifies physician if patient expresses generalized pain during procedure.* Inventories all supplies used for each procedure.8. Assists in cardiopulmonary emergencies.* Activate Rapid Response System or Code Response System.* Prepares emergency equipment as directed by physician.9. Interacts with fellow health care team appropriately and calmly in an emergency situation maintains required documentation related to Radiation Safety and ensures compliance with NYSDOH regulatory requirements. * Shields all patients when appropriate to procedure. * Adjust radiation technique to adhere to ALARA and department dose reduction standards. 10. Maintains and cleans x-ray equipment and makes minor adjustments, as needed.* Maintains physical and software parameters of radiographic and ultrasound equipment (IR only).* Documents service reports, preventive maintenance, and repair status.* Ensures radiographs and Ultrasound (IR only) parameters are within department specifications and guidelines.11. Prepares angiography film for development and storage; assists with maintenance of equipment.* Ensures digital images are completed in high quality and labeled correctly.* Post process images to capture procedures details. 12. Interventional Radiology department specific;* Operates and navigates 3D workstations, including importing CT, MRI and ultrasound imaging.* Imaging procedures include neurovascular, peripheral-endovascular and non-vascular procedures.* Utilizes and operates ultrasound imaging where appropriate, and aids in C02 contrast delivery.13. Performs related duties, as required.

*ADA Essential FunctionsQualifications

  • Graduate from an accredited Radiologic Technology Program, required. * New York State Department of Health licensure as a Radiologic Technologist, required.* American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Registered Technologist (R.T.) required. * Minimum of two (2) years experience as Radiological Technologist, required. Experience in Interventional Radiology