Townline Auto Parts & Repair Automotive Technician (Mechanic) in Jamestown, New York

Automotive Technician (Mechanic) Townline Auto Parts FT

Must own tools!! WE DO NOT SUPPLY!!!

This is a car processing/yard guy position retrieving parts from salvage for recycled use This is a C / B level mechanics position
minimum required tools: metric
1/4 socket set deep and short ,extensions 2, 4, 6 inch ratchet,3/8 socket set deep and short also 2, 4, 6 inch extensions ratchets long and short, 1/2 sockets deep and short again extensions and ratchets also breaker bar, pry bars, lump hammer 4ibs works best, Screw driver set Phillips and regular, torque bit set, pliers varies sizes and types, set of open end box wrenches metric, Dikes, Wire cutters, Impact gun 1/2 inch, Safety glasses

You will need working knowledge of vehicles and terms for parts, as even I know not all terms will be known you will learn as you go at times. But you need some kind of foundation, Ability to pull parts, label, and inventory, This is a indoor and outdoor position dress accordingly.
There will be some Saturday work each month the amount is undetermined at this time.

Starting pay is negotiable depending on experience. Own tools needed and reference check.

To Apply: Email:
Phone: 716-484-2353
In Person at Townline Auto Parts
2877 Townline Rd.
Jamestown, NY 14701